Startups / Disruptors / Innovators

kenny herman

My Approach to Investing

I’ve been in your shoes and uniquely understand the many obstacles you’re fighting through. 

As an active advisor and/or angel investor, I help propel your business by sharing best practices that we’ve proven throughout the years and opening relevant doors to close friends within my network that can add a ton of value. At a minimum, I help you not replicate our [many] missteps.

Many talk, few do. I’m passionate about supporting entrepreneurs (and their teams) that actively chase their dreams.

My Investing Philosophy

Would I work for them?

Startups (and businesses, in general) almost always directly reflect the founders – their values, work ethic, and ability to attract talent. “A talent attracts A’s, B’s attract C’s”, and you need the best team to build the best business possible. I can’t invest in a startup where I’m not blown away by the founders.


Can they startup?

I’ve met incredibly talented folks who’ve found a ton of success in their careers fall on their faces attempting to start a business from scratch. I can’t overstate how difficult it is. I need to have conviction that you’ve either played the game before (ideally via working with you in some capacity)- or are capable of playing it. Riding the right seat at a hot Series C startup that’s already found product market fit and/or graduating from a top B-school, while impressive, is very different than starting something from thin air, I promise.


Can I make an impact?

I primarily invest in startups where my specific domain expertise(s) and network can impact your startup. If neither are relevant, I’m merely just an angel check – which brings me to…

Do they need my money?

I can be an incredibly valuable angel investor – if you’re looking for someone that will dig in where and when you need me to. This, to me, is a big part of why I invest – I love helping other entrepreneurs realize their dreams. If I can’t be involved in the process and am simply a check, there are more significant (and frankly, better) funding sources.