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My kind of art.  (California T)

Sporting my product hat.

Sporting my product hat.

Never allow a person to tell you no who doesn’t have the power to say yes.

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Mad turned four [months]!  Her present to Kel and I; her first laugh.  Nothing is better.

If you’re external facing, this’ll make you smile.

Arctic Monkeys - Do I wanna know?

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Team SP on the two year anniversary of our sale to Constant Contact.  (6/13/2014)

Baby Maddie! (taken 5/8/2014 by the incredibly talented Emily Burke)

Excited for this one — a big win for all involved.  Covered throughout the web; Bloomberg BusinessWeekTheNextWeb, Mashable, Marketing Land, AllFacebook, MediaPost, Eater, CNET, NBC News, PC Magazine, The Daily Meal, etc.

Proud to announce the first addition to our family!  Madeleine Rachel joined Kel and I at 2:02am today (4/29/2014) — a happy and healthy 7 pound, 3 ounce, 20 inch little lady.

So proud of our team.

So proud of Kel and the Birchbox team on their mega raise.  Check it out.

Have you ever been clinging onto a rocket ship, then cut the engines at full speed, and then tried to fly again? That’s what we’ve been going through at Fab the past months… It’s a fucking startup. It’s supposed to be hard. We’re entrepreneurs. This is what we do.

– Jason Goldberg, Founder + CEO of on turning around his business.

For start-ups, only one thing matters. Can you build something that people want. Your pedigree is exactly worthless compared to this simple ability to execute.

Beware of MBAs! The business school curriculum teaches how to suck at startups by Jason Freedman

As we start hiring for Enhatch, the ability to execute becomes the most important factor in who we hire.  Pedigree is about the least important, if not completely irrelevant, factor in the process.

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T-6 weeks.  6 weeks!?!

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